Available Portfolios

IBI TIP0201: Restaurant Management System Portfolio with EoU
1 Asset, 1 Claim Chart

This patent provides a system that helps restaurant owners manage their business and enables customers of restaurants to view, select, order, and pay for dishes without having to wait to be attended to.


TIP0202A: Internet Advertising Portfolio with EoU
2 Assets, 2 Claim Charts

These patents introduce an intelligent way of matching internet advertisers with websites and covers methods for buying and selling click-through traffic. Internet advertising is an enormous industry that is growing larger every year.  ClicksBroker’s two patents cover technology that is quickly being adopted in this field – prebidding.  Pre-bidding allows the ad buyer an opportunity to see the potential traffic on a web site before the buyer submits a bid to the advertiser there. The ClicksBroker patents introduce an intelligent way of matching internet advertisers with websites and covers methods for buying and selling click-through traffic. The methods use an intermediary website to register buyers and sellers, establish links to the websites of the buyers and sellers, conduct pre-bidding trials, conduct a bidding process, and enable a seller to select a winning bid. The patents are being practiced by industry leaders.

TruStateTIP0208T: Private Browsing
2 Assets, 8 Claim Charts

In the field of secured identity protection for internet users (aka known as “private browsing”), these patents represent a compelling opportunity for buyers who seek to acquire a strategic (offensive and defensive) position in this field, or for institutional buyers that want to monetize these patent asset through patent licensing and/or assertion programs.

universcelTIP0301: Telecommunications System Patent Portfolio
3 Assets, 1 Claim Chart

We are the exclusive agents to divest all patent assets of this corporation in the telecommunication systems market. The portfolio consists of three patents of one patent family, combining to provide a solid thicket of patent protection. The market for communication systems including Voice gateway, IoT, VoIP, and Smart Grid is lucrative and promising. A number of products and services by major players are on offer. The industry has been and will continue to infringe on claims covered by the patents of the portfolio. As a result, we believe the patents will continue to appreciate over time as more companies adopt its underlying approach.

desktopsitesTIP0416: Cloud Based Application & Desktop Publishing Patent Portfolio
4 Assets, 16 Claim Charts

We are the exclusive agent to divest all patent assets of this seller in the cloud computing & desktop publishing market. The patent family claims a priority date of a time when solutions for cloud computing and client-server access framework were still in an early nascent stage. The portfolio has a priority date of December 2004, which provides excellent protection against any prior art in this domain.

gholdingsTIP0502: Mobile Payment Technologies Patent Portfolio
2 US Patents, 2 Claim Charts

We are the exclusive agent to divest this patent portfolio in the strategic and fast-growing Mobile Payment market. The offered patent portfolio consists of two families of patents, one with two issued US patents, and the other one has one patent each in Canada, India, and China. The patent families cover distinct aspects of the mobile payment and digital wallet technologies.

rf-sawTIP0700: RF Identification Tags Patent Portfolio
7 US Patents, Non-Patent Assets Also Available

We are the exclusive agent to divest all patent assets of a privately-owned organization in the RFID Technology market. The patents of the offered patent portfolio relate to the field of RFID systems based on SAW (surface acoustic wave) devices. The patents in the portfolio explain technology for manufacture of SAW-based RFID devices and systems for detection of multiple SAW based RFID chips.

MartelloTIP0706: Surgical Devices and Orthodontics European Patent Portfolio
7 Assets, 6 Claim Charts

The offered patent portfolio consists of one patent family formed with 7 issued EP patents with their enforceability in several jurisdictions of Europe. Both the patents have the priority of 1997 when the markets for soft tissue securing anchor in surgical devices and orthodontic procedures were under a developing stage.

Clean CurrentTIP0805: Tidal & River Turbines
8 Patent Assets, 5 Claim Charts*

The offered patent portfolio consists of six patent families formed with 8 issued US patents and their corresponding family members being pursued at different patent prosecution stages in 14 other jurisdictions. Corresponding family patents are pursued in all major geographies which have potential to develop ocean power like Canada, China, India, Australia, Europe, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa etc. The earliest patent of the portfolio has priority date of 2001 when the market for Tidal Energy was under a developing stage.

BookstaffTIP1100: Digital Advertising
11 Assets

Assets of this family relate to the fields of providing intelligent electronic advertising to users of email, instant messages, etc. Further, providing electronic information processing, wherein unwanted portions from a set of electronic information, such as search results, may be removed upon review.

INO_smallTIP1300I: Fiber Optics
13 Assets

Patents in fiber optics are particularly valuable as the relevant market encompasses commercial entities, metropolitan area implementation and communications infrastructure around the world.

ecardlessTIP1305: Online Payment Transactions Patent Portfolio with EoU
13 Assets, 5 Claim Charts

These patents relate to a method of purchase over the internet involving a customer and a merchant, and further a financial services provider to handle the online transaction between the customer and the merchant. The offered patent portfolio includes eight issued US patents with claims directed to secure payment and fraud prevention technology or to payment based location verification. This active portfolio also includes three applications pending with the USPTO, one recently issued Canadian patent and one recently filed Canadian divisional application.

TIP1602: 3D Dental Restoration Technologies with EoU
16 Assets, 2 Claim Charts

These patents relate to dental computer techniques. Cynovad undertakes these computer techniques in support of its software products for advanced digitalization of dental data, visualization of dental information and automatic fabrication of teeth prostheses using computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD/ CAM). The offered patent portfolio consists of eight issued US patents and seven non-US counterparts. The patent portfolio claims are directed to covering different aspects of the dental prosthesis procedure, and there by providing a solid thicket of patent protection.

BeamzTIP1705: Interactive Music and Gaming Patent Portfolio with broad EoU
17 Assets, 5 Claim Charts

The relevant markets for the portfolio on offer are numerous as evidenced by the growing trend in interactive music, interactive music gaming, and the commercial success that the technology has enjoyed and/or identified so far. This includes substantial opportunities with; (a) interactive music gaming; (b) virtual interactive music gaming; (c) new interactive music controllers for gaming, the mass consumer market, DJ & Artist performances, and the like; (d) the monetization of music content using a new consumer interactive music format; and (e) the Education & Health Care market.

RDPATIP2035: Physical Location Audience Measurement and Analytics Portfolio with EoU
20 Assets, 35 Claim Charts

These patents relate to the measurement of audience exposure to marketing media, such as out of home (OOH) advertisements, or any other physical location, by monitoring the location and travel paths of consumers using GPS and other techniques. (The seller is also making available all technology and IP assets of Avenace Incorporated, which built a comprehensive client and server solution implementing the patents on offer.)

semiconductor_smallTIP16710: Large Semiconductor Portfolio with EoU
167 Assets, 10 Claim Charts

We are pleased to co-broker 29 select US patents and their family members for sale. These patents have many family members in multiple jurisdictions. The geographies covered with the patents include US, JP, EP, DE, ES, IL, AU, CA, GB, TW, IT, WO, NO, KR, CN and AT. The patents for sale cover various areas, including MEMs (1 patents and its family, 2 total patents), semiconductor process (7 patents and its family, 39 total patents, packaging (4 patents and its family, 31 total patents), and analog/RF/MMIC (17 patents and its family, 78 total patents).