Pending Portfolios

TruStateTIP0208T: Private Browsing
2 Assets, 8 Claim Charts

In the field of secured identity protection for internet users (aka known as “private browsing”), these patents represent a compelling opportunity for buyers who seek to acquire a strategic (offensive and defensive) position in this field, or for institutional buyers that want to monetize these patent asset through patent licensing and/or assertion programs.

davidsonTIP0210: Audio/Video Content Search System Portfolio with EoU
2 Assets, 10 Claim Charts

We are the exclusive agent to divest all patent assets of the inventor Mr. Robert Steven Davidson in Audio/Video content Search market. The offered patent portfolio consists of two issued US patents of a family. The patents have 30 issued claims, including 1 independent claim in each patent. The patents claim a priority date of April 2004 when the market for set-top boxes, streaming services, and video-on-demand was in an early stage of growth.