David Hetzel

David Hetzel is an independent patent monetization & strategy expert.  He works with clients, including start-ups, individual inventors and innovative companies, to help them successfully navigate the complex, patent transaction market and to create high-impact monetization programs centered around sales/licensing/assertion programs.

Prior to being in private practice, David spent over a decade leading patent monetization efforts for two multinational Fortune 50 companies: Hewlett-Packard (“HP”) and Motorola.  At HP, he was Senior Director of Sales & Licensing.  His responsibilities included monetizing HP patents through building collaborative, constructive working relationships and forging innovative deal structures.  HP had a patent portfolio number in excess of 50,000 world-wide patents.

Before HP, David worked at Intellectual Ventures (“IV”), where he constructed patent licensing programs and led cross-functional teams in devising new product offerings & customer solutions for IV’s corporate clientele.  IV is the largest patent aggregation fund in the world, with over 70,000 patent assets acquired since its inception in 2000 and $6B in committed capital, and has succeeded in realizing some $3B in licensing revenues.

Previously he spent many years at Motorola supporting major nine-figure cross-licensing deals, leading patent transaction deals, pioneering adjacent market licensing strategies as well as driving efforts to build/grow the company’s first-ever patent transactions program.  His leadership helped the cellular business unit, with a portfolio of nearly 25,000 patents, to right-size its patent portfolio, as well as to create a recurring multi-M$ revenue stream generated from programmatic patent divestitures.  David managed an international network of patent brokers and led deal teams in both acquisition and patent sale deals.  He also identified-vetted several new/emerging business models in the IP ecosystem with which Motorola collaborated so to drive a highly successful and innovative, proactive strategic solution/approach to mitigating NPE risk.

Prior to Motorola Mobility, David held positions at McKinsey & Co., KPMG consulting. David was invited into the peer-nominated IAM Strategy 300 elite group of IP professionals in 2012.  He holds a law degree from Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago Kent and a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University.