Dr. Ananta Ayyagari, Ph.D Chemistry

Dr. Ananta Ayyagari is a talented scientist with more than 12 years of research and technical expertise in nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology field. She has worked with various renowned universities in India and US GATECH and UW Madison.

Dr. Ayyagari has strong literature search capabilities and has been very active researcher at “Article one Partners” a crowd sourcing platform for IP needs where she contributed several patentability assessments. She has extensive experience in finding and analyzing prior arts or patents in diverse areas such as Engineering, Biomedical Devices, Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Biological and Food sciences, etc. Dr. Ayyagari also constantly serves as review panelist of SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) and PFI-AIR awards (Partnerships for Innovation- Accelerating innovation research) funded by National Science Foundation.

Dr. Ayyagari holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from IICT, India.