TIP Technical Experts

At Tangible IP we count a small core team of trusted collaborators with world class experience and reputation in their respective fields, and a vast network of international of experts that we can tap into in order to assemble the best team available for the project at hand and focus on delivering value. With this focus on building a virtual team of world-class experts without the overhead of large firms, we can provide extremely high-quality service and flexibility at very competitive prices.

Michael Craner

Michael Craner is a technology executive and registered patent agent with over 30 years experience in cutting-edge systems development, integration, deployment, and management; and over 18 years experience in licensing (more…)

Dr. Chris Dammann

Chris Dammann is an accomplished scientist with more than 12 years of international experience in industrial and academic research. His expertise includes molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry and biotechnology. (more…)

Dr. Robert (Bob) Davidson

Bob Davidson has more than 30 years of international industrial experience (The Dow Chemical Company and REC Silicon) and is an expert in the development and implementation of strategic IP and intangible assets (IA) portfolio (more…)

Dr. Mason A. Gross, Esq.

Mason is an experienced, strategic intellectual property and registered patent attorney having a strong legal, engineering, and technical background to assist clients to secure, protect, and assert intellectual property rights. (more…)

John Goldstone

John Goldstone has over 25 years of success translating scientific and technical innovation into commercially viable product and licensing revenue streams, mostly around the biomass and forestry sectors. (more…)

Bob Held

Bob has close to 20 years in the business of intellectual property (IP) and specializes in various IP services including monetization, management, and strategy. (more…)

David Hetzel

David Hetzel is an independent patent monetization & strategy expert.  He works with clients, including start-ups, individual inventors and innovative companies, to help them successfully navigate the complex, patent transaction … (more)

Alexei Ioudovski

Alexei Ioudovski is an intellectual property consultant in the high-tech area. He      provides technical support for licensing, technology and patent evaluation as well as reverse engineering. (more…)

Mark Klopp

Mark Klopp is an independent consultant, board member, investor and advisor with a particular expertise in corporate venturing, business development and licensing. (more…)

Dr. Joon Maeng

Joon is an independent patent consultant, inventor, and technologist with over 20 years of experience in developing media communication products and made significant contributions in making standards on (more…)

Peter J.C. Normington

Mr. Normington has close to 50 years of industrial or consulting experience.  He is a coveted technology consultant and, since 2002 has also been a registered US Patent Agent.  His areas of technology include all aspects of the (more…)

Mike Nranian, PE, Esq. 

Michael has testified over 70 times (as of December 2017) as an expert witness and corporate representative in state and federal courts throughout the United States. He has over 33 years of experience (more…)

Dr. Marc Perron, Ing.

Marc Perron founded a high-tech company specialized in embedded software and technology transfer in the field of power electronics applications such as electric motor control and solar power conversion. (more…)

Dr. Ramesh Rajaduray

Dr. Ramesh Rajaduray is an intellectual property (IP) consultant in the Toronto area. He has IP experience both in-house and as an external consultant. He has performed a variety of roles including patent strategy consulting, (more…)

Ed Schummer

Ed’s career has been in technical fields, with emphasis on intellectual property. His current activities revolve around relationship management in the areas of technology licensing, IP transfer and licensing administration (more…)

Brijesh Tripathi

Brijesh co-founded and heads a technology focused patent research and analysis firm. He is a patent consultant having several years of hands-on experience in delivering customized IP solutions to a global clientele. (more…)

Michael Weber, Esq.

Michael Weber is an intellectual property attorney located in Silicon Valley.  He has over sixteen years of experience analyzing patent portfolios and documenting evidence of use for licensing, litigation, acquisition and tax purposes.  (more…)

Ian Wylie

Ian has more than 25 years of technology and intellectual property experience and is an inventor on 32 US patent application families.  His technology background and patents includes semiconductor process and device technology, chemistry, water treatment (more…)

Dr. Ananta Ayyagari

Dr. Ananta Ayyagari is a talented scientist with more than 12 years of research and technical expertise in nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology field. She has worked with various renowned universities in India and US GATECH and UW Madison.(more…)

Steve Skabrat

Steve Skabrat is an expert in developing and implementing strategies relating to all aspects of US and international patent portfolio development and management, analyzing patents for offensive and defensive viewpoints in support (more…)