Pending Portfolios


TIP0108: Industry-wide EoU in Marketing Automation
1 Asset, 5 Claim Charts

We are the exclusive agent to divest the patent asset of this seller in the Marketing Automation Software area. Sometimes, less is more! Although this is a single patent portfolio, this is a foundational asset in the targeted space, as is reflected by its staggering 870 forward citations! The patent’s priority date is Jan 4, 1999, when the market for Automated and adaptable Marketing Engines as claimed by the patent was in its early stages of growth. A number of independent claims relate specifically to a real estate marketing system. However, other claims are broader and applicable to other businesses as well, including most CRM offerings.


desktopsitesTIP0416: Cloud Based Application & Desktop Publishing Patent Portfolio
4 Assets, 16 Claim Charts

We are the exclusive agent to divest all patent assets of this seller in the cloud computing & desktop publishing market. The patent family claims a priority date of a time when solutions for cloud computing and client-server access framework were still in an early nascent stage. The portfolio has a priority date of December 2004, which provides excellent protection against any prior art in this domain.


RDPATIP2035: Physical Location Audience Measurement and Analytics Portfolio with EoU
20 Assets, 35 Claim Charts

These patents relate to the measurement of audience exposure to marketing media, such as out of home (OOH) advertisements, or any other physical location, by monitoring the location and travel paths of consumers using GPS and other techniques. (The seller is also making available all technology and IP assets of Avenace Incorporated, which built a comprehensive client and server solution implementing the patents on offer).

ecardlessTIP1305: Online Payment Transactions Patent Portfolio with EoU
13 Assets, 5 Claim Charts

These patents relate to a method of purchase over the internet involving a customer and a merchant, and further a financial services provider to handle the online transaction between the customer and the merchant. The offered patent portfolio includes eight issued US patents with claims directed to secure payment and fraud prevention technology or to payment based location verification. This active portfolio also includes three applications pending with the USPTO, one recently issued Canadian patent and one recently filed Canadian divisional application.