GNSS ZigBee IEEE 802.11r Technology Patent Portfolio

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32 Total Assets with 14 Representative Claim Charts

The offered assets, originating from both Nokia and Siemens AG and currently owned by France Brevets, comprise a portfolio in the Satellite and Wireless Communication technology markets, including applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. This portfolio relates to the three following wireless communication technologies: GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System, Zigbee – Low-power personal wireless mesh network (IoT) and IEEE 802.11r. – Wireless Fast Roaming. Key innovative ideas covered in the portfolio include sharing of encryption keys for fast authentication/roaming of connected devices, multipath signal detection in GNSS and smart metering. The technology covered by the portfolio has applications in networking access points, GNSS enabled devices/receivers, smart watches, smart speakers and home automation devices, among others.