Smart Lighting & Communication Patent Portfolio


360 Patents Across 100 Families, Spanning 3 Different Technology Lots

Tangible IP is pleased to represent global technology leader, OSRAM, in the divestiture of a subset of their vast patent portfolio. The assets on offer include 360 patents across 100 families, spanning 3 distinct technology areas.

Lot A – Smart Lighting and Control, encompasses the use of sensors to detect, sense and track various parameters to serve certain functions such as lighting control, energy efficiency, navigation, etc. This lot also includes patents related to various techniques for controlling lighting, involving color adjustment, gesture control, occupancy detection and activity monitoring.

Lot B – Visible Light Communication, covers communication techniques that use visible light and inventions related to light-based communication using optical Fiber. This lot also includes patents related to indoor wireless communication, indoor positioning, codecs and optimization techniques.

Lot C – Wireless Communication, showcases inventions related to radio frequency communication and data transfer. This includes establishing communication links, transmission using beacons, infrared or ultraviolet radiation and identifying and tracking mobile terminals.