Licensing Programs

When it comes to creating and driving IP monetization programs, Tangible IP evaluates our clients’ invention technology, determines marketability and help establish and run a licensing program in other vertical markets. We strategically identifies, approaches, and informs prospective licensees of opportunities to reinforce their IP portfolio through acquisition and license of our clients’ patents and/or technology.  We can help you set up your own internal licensing team or we can directly manage “stick” licensing programs on your behalf.  A stick license is the result of an assertion program when patents are being infringed by a third party. This requires a very different approach than so called “carrot” licensing where the licensee genuinely wants to license an enabling technology.Tangible IP has experience with both and can structure and facilitate various licensing programs.  Whether you need help with inbound or outbound licensing, we can provide you with expert guidance and support or drive the whole process on your behalf.