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Booster Shot

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Getting one’s booster shot has been the talk of the town. But who would have guessed that the IP Market would get a shot of its own last week? Yes, I am talking about the $600M patent divestiture recently announced by...

Our Predictions for 2022 (Part II)

Hello all, A couple of weeks ago, I dusted off my crystal ball and reflected on both the market in 2021 and stuck my neck out with my first 5 predictions for the IP market in 2022. You can read that first set here.  My first prediction concerning new USPTO Director...

Our Predictions for 2022 (Part 1)

Hello all, A very Happy New Year to all our readers near and far. It’s too bad we all wanted to believe that with the flip of a calendar, 2022 would mark a new era or a return to an era pre-pandemic. Well, well, well. I guess the joke’s on us now as Omicron rages full...