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“Patents Are for the Weak” – Elon Musk

Hello all, In an interview with Jay Leno, the ever-controversial Elon Musk dropped a bomb which surprised a lot of observers and created some turmoil in the IP community. Mr. Musk is one of the best-known business leaders and influencers of this era and his musings...

Gathering Clouds… Again

Hello all, It is back to school time and things are picking up again after the summer hiatus. A few weeks ago, I wrote a fairly meaty column reviewing the current state of the market and forecasting some gathering clouds. I suspect however that many of you were...

Gathering Clouds

Hello all, Despite the relative quiet of summer, we’d be remiss to ignore the early signs of a certain “movement” favoring those dedicated (for at least the last decade) to weakening the US patent system. The clouds are indeed gathering over what has been a somewhat...