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All I Want For Christmas Is… The Perfect Patent

 Hello all, This is the season where we find ourselves praying for miracles and hoping for things to take a turn for the better in the year to come. Let’s see how this plays out. A couple of weeks ago, Erika and I attended the 10th annual IP Dealmakers Forum in New...

How is the Market Shaping Up?

 Hello all, Next week, our team will be attending the 10th annual IP Dealmakers Forum in New York City. I have attended every single year since its inception and always look forward to great content and catching up with senior business leaders in the IP space. Erika...

Patents 101

 Hello all, We are only weeks away from the US Thanksgiving holiday which officially kicks off the holiday season and often represents the last push to close deals before yearend. Apparently, both the judiciary and legislature decided it was a good time to get to work...