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Build or Buy?

Hello all, This week was the annual gathering of the IP Business community at the IPBC Global conference in Chicago. I unfortunately had to skip this year, but there was a lot of interesting information coming out of the 2 day conference, mostly from IAM, the...

The Latest Brokered Patent Market Report

Hello all, Although we have experienced a surge of activity in the patent market, and personally sold or otherwise monetized almost all the portfolios we have taken under brokerage in the past year, it is important to look at a greater data set before jumping to any...

I’m a Fast-Growing Company with Little or No IP. What Do I Do Now?

Hello all, Happy belated World IP Day! Indeed, April 26th was the annual day of the year where people are reminded that there are these things called intellectual property rights and they matter! I celebrated that special day by giving a presentation to the bankers at...