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Hello and a very Happy New Year to each of you. Our well wishes would come a bit belatedly if you are reading this in the Western hemisphere, and definitely a bit prematurely if you are in Asia. Either way, it is time to reflect upon 2022 and take stock of the current...

Patent Monetization in a Recession

Hello all, Happy Holidays to each of you. We have now survived Thanksgiving travel and Black Friday and we are gearing up for the final push to Christmas. Never a dull moment. In other parts of the world, China and Iran are (perhaps) realizing what happens when people...

Two New Canaries in the Coal Mine?

Hello all, I often comment on the dichotomy between retail and wholesale patent licensing. The former is the realm of small inventors and SMEs while the latter is the specialty of large patent owners who monetize hundreds if not thousands of patents at once. Over the...