Seattle – FEBRUARY 12, 2019. TANGIBLE IP, LLC, an international patent brokerage and Intellectual Property advisory firm headquartered in Seattle, with over 3000 patents successfully brokered, announced that is has successfully brokered a significant license of a patent portfolio pertaining to Remote Desktop Virtualization, belonging to Desktopsites Inc. The identity of the initial licensee nor financial details of the agreement could be disclosed. Calgary based Desktopsites is a leading developer of innovative and cost-effective cloud computing solutions for SMBs, SMEs to Enterprise businesses and a pioneer of remote desktop virtualization software. This license provides further validation to the scope and relevance of the Desktopsites portfolio with respect to this field. The portfolio remains available for a sale or license to others and highly relevant to industry, as it is widely practiced by a number of industry leaders.  It should be noted that the above license was voluntary and occurred as a result of Tangible IP’s outreach to sell the portfolio and did not involve any assertion related activity.

“As a young software startup who pioneered remote desktop technology, we were referred to Tangible IP a few years ago with the goal of monetizing our small patent portfolio, after trying for years to develop a business relationship with a large tech company that ended up implementing our technology in their platform”, said Laura Armstrong, Vice President and Co-Founder of Desktopsites.  “Louis and his team took our case to heart and worked tirelessly during an extended period toward getting a substantial license in place for us, despite a rather sensitive situation with the ultimate licensee and the fact that we did not want to end up having to assert our patents in court if we could avoid it. They leveraged their relationship with the licensee, their negotiating skills and showed a lot of patience in making sure they could land a successful outcome on our behalf. We now feel that our inventions and past efforts have been vindicated and we look further to continuing the monetization of our portfolio with other industry members. We could not have had better advocates to represent us in this process and I would recommend Tangible IP to anyone who needs professional assistance with monetizing their patents.”

 “Each day we can bring parties together without having to assert patents is a good day”, said Louis Carbonneau, CEO & Founder of Tangible IP. “Offering patents for sale rather than trying to assert them offers us the opportunity to have candid discussions with industry players who may benefits from either acquiring or licensing the assets and it was allowed our client in this case to enter into a mutually beneficial license agreement in an amicable context with  a very sophisticated company that ultimately showed that it respected our clients’ IP rights. We could not feel more gratified than providing value this way, while retaining the ability to enter in subsequent transactions of the same nature.”