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The Numbers Are In!

Hello all, As the world gradually experiments with the incremental reopening of global economies, no one really knows what the real impact of deconfinement will be. Simple things that only two months ago were considered perfectly routine activities now come with their...

Who Can Be a Person? Hint: Not the One You Think

  Hello all, Another few weeks of confinement are now in the books. Most of us are in desperate need of a good haircut and honestly, our dogs are too. You are likely very tired of having to cook every day, watching “classic” sport game reruns on TV has finally...

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Hello all, I find it striking that amidst the carnage of COVID-19, we are once again singularly focused on innovation and having to think outside the proverbial box. From masks and ventilators, to preemptive vaccines or potential cures, everyone has rediscovered the...