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IP’s Reader’s Digest

Hello all, These last few weeks were packed with important IP related news. There was new activity on the hill for patent reform, a couple of large verdict awards and a related court decision that could mean even more in the future, a new Canadian budget that contains...

Springing Into a Better Market?

Hello all, Last month, I shared my market predictions for 2024. Now, with Q1 2024 in the rearview mirror and spring in full bloom, there is already notable news that tends to suggest a certain direction. More on this below. On another front, I will review the latest...

2024 Market Predictions

Hello all, They say when making predictions for the year, one should try to make those before March, so the predictions actually predate action.  Otherwise, they simply become self-fulfilling prophecies. Well, thanks to this being a leap year, today is the last day to...