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The Weaponization of Congress

Hello all, We’ve witnessed an increasingly worrisome phenomenon in the US; interest groups are literally weaponizing Congress to advance their agenda in the usually non-controversial patent area (we knew of course this was happening in other areas). In the remaining...

Is this Obama 2.0?

Hello all, Last weekend, I watched “ The Billion Dollar Code,” a 4-episode fictionalized series based on a true story. The series recounted the lawsuit brought forth by a small German startup (Art+Com) in 2014 against Google for infringing their patent. This patent...

Decade of Stolen Dreams

Hello all, September usually marks a return to normalcy, vacations are remembered in pictures, children return to school and work once again becomes the focus of your day. But this year feels different. The fatigue and frustration of the heaviness of the world hangs...