Seattle – DECEMBER 17, 2020. TANGIBLE IP, LLC, an international patent brokerage and Intellectual Property advisory firm headquartered in Seattle, with over 4000 patents successfully brokered, announced that they brokered several licenses with various Fortune 500 companies for a patent portfolio pertaining to wireless headset technology owned by InfoTech South, LLC. The identity of the licensees nor financial details of the agreement could be disclosed. The portfolio remains available for sale to others and is highly relevant to the industry, as it is widely practiced by a number of key players in the headset/airbud markets. It should be noted that the above licenses were voluntary and did not involve any assertion related activity.

“We sought out Tangible IP for the monetization of our portfolio based on their reputation within the industry and have been exceedingly pleased with their initial marketing efforts,” said Dwight Brayton, CEO of InfoTech South LLC. “We are enthusiastic about these preliminary results! We also know this is a testament to the quality of Tangible IP’s work and the depth of their outreach and networking. The portfolio continues to have significant and strong relevance to others in the industry and we are optimistic that Tangible IP will continue to creatively and successfully market our assets,” said Brayton.

“We are very pleased to have been able to return initial value to our client for this portfolio. Both the number and the pedigrees of the companies that took a voluntary license to the patents are providing great validation to the relevance of Mr. Brayton’s contributions,” said Louis Carbonneau, Founder & CEO of Tangible IP. “We look forward to continuing our efforts to find a good home for this portfolio or sign on additional licensees.”

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