Seattle – SEPTEMBER 27, 2021. TANGIBLE IP, LLC, an international patent brokerage and Intellectual Property advisory firm headquartered in Seattle, with over 4500 patents successfully brokered, announced that it successfully brokered the sale of a patent portfolio pertaining to Receipt Scanning & Personal Finance Management technology, owned by Kris Engineering, Inc. Neither the identity of the acquirer nor financial details of the agreement could be disclosed. The portfolio is widely relevant to the personal finance & accounting software markets with key innovative technologies including expense management, automatic categorization of financial information and document and image scanning

From the onset of our monetization efforts with Tangible IP, we knew we had chosen the right partner. Their approach was pragmatic yet creative as they diligently worked with a focused group to ultimately find the right acquirer for the portfolio. They were consistent in their efforts, providing us with the end result we desired. We would warmly recommend Tangible IP to any company faced with the challenge of bringing patent assets to market,” said Radhakrishna Pandipati of Kris Engineering, Inc.

“While the present patent market has proven to be challenging, we were ultimately successful in finding an acquirer that understands the strength of the assets and would provide our client with fair compensation for the long term value of their patent portfolio,” said Louis Carbonneau, Founder & CEO of Tangible IP. “A customized approach and access to a diverse network of buyers has proven to be the ticket to success time and time again for our clients. We are optimistic we will see deals of this nature continue to close throughout the second half of the year.”

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Tangible IP, LLC specializes in selling high quality unencumbered patents and has now brokered the sale or license of over 4500 patent assets since its inception and has returned tens of millions of dollars back to inventors, shareholders and patent owners. 

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