This Wireless Imaging patent portfolio covers technology that allow wireless mobile devices that send and receive information to operate for extended periods of time in standby mode thus greatly reducing the frequency of battery recharge or replacement. The patents relate to remote viewing systems, which can remotely monitor a location (house, specific rooms, backyard, isolated buildings, valuable assets, etc.), a child or elderly person, pets, or a mailbox, using less power and less effort to operate. It can also be relevant to GSM based cameras (including camera phones) that can turn themselves on and off based on triggering events (e.g. motion detection). The owner of this portfolio has recently found several instances where its patents are being practiced by third parties and does not want to invest its resources in litigating those. This in turn creates a unique opportunity for buyers wanting to acquire a strategic (offensive and defensive) position in a key area, or for institutional buyers wanting to monetize this portfolio though licensing programs.

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