Edward J. Cummings

Edward J. Cummings is a seasoned Licensing Professional, CMO, Business Developer and IP strategist who has successfully built global businesses, led technology acquisitions for a Global 50 company, built IP strategies and monetized IP and technologies for businesses ranging from Indie-Gogo consumer startups to University-led development offices to billion dollar software companies, and continues to advise companies and entrepreneurs on IP and technology development, go to market and monetization strategies.  Ed’s long history of successful technology business building and entry and exit transactions brings a clear and actionable vision for technology value realization to both startup and mature clients in consumer and B2B spaces.   Major engagements and transactions include ownership of technology strategies and acquisitions for Microsoft Windows Server and Client, DirectX gaming technologies, Security businesses, and Integration Services; digital audiovisual technology monetization strategy for a large international audio equipment technology company, Licenses to create new lines of business for a major computer hardware manufacturer; and leadership positions in companies in digital multimedia, consumer technology products, fintech, mobile platforms, consumer wearable technologies, and multiple nonprofits. Ed is a member and long time contributor to the Licensing Executives Society and the Intellectual Property Section of the WSBA and holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Minnesota.