Michael Craner

Michael Craner is a technology executive and registered patent agent with over 30 years experience in cutting-edge systems development, integration, deployment, and management; and over 18 years experience in licensing and intellectual property analysis/assertion/protection. His background spans concept-to-revenue with a broad range of products: from advanced telecommunications and military systems, to high-volume multimedia broadcast / digital CATV systems, and more recently renewable energy, digital blockchain, deep-learning AI, VR/AR and the Internet of Things. In late 2001 he started MediaComm Innovations to offer a full range of specialized IP-related services to corporations and universities, law firms & individual inventors. Before then, Mr. Craner held the position of Director of Licensing at Motorola’s Broadband Communication Sector (BCS) where he was responsible for all licensing in and out for BCS, as well as management of a patent portfolio of over 500 patents covering digital video/audio compression, secure multimedia transport, video on demand (VOD), voice over IP (VOIP), cable modems, optical transport, and personnel video recorders. He also participated in standards-related groups including MPEG LA – the licensing administrator for the MPEG digital video standard IP pool. As a technical advisor to the intellectual property law group, standards leaders, and business development, he performed infringement analysis, license negotiation, and technical due diligence on strategic investments, including structuring IP as a potential equity component and analyzing business models. Mr. Craner has extensive experience in the field as a principal engineer and engineering director, has filed over 40 of his own patents, and prepared over 80 more for high-technology multimedia, telecommunications, semiconductor, and renewable-energy clients.

Michael holds a masters degree in electrical and computer engineering from SUNY Buffalo and has taken postgraduate coursework at VPI & Johns Hopkins universities in networking and distributed computer architectures/algorithms. He is a registered patent agent with the USPTO, a member of the Licensing Executive Society, member of the SCTE, senior member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, and president of the Philadelphia Chapter of Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Society.