Michael Franzi

Michael FranziMichael Franzi is veteran of licensing and business development having worked for Fortune 250 companies (Tektronix, Synopsys, DTS, KDDI) with more than 24 years of global business expertise.   He has held multiple executive management positions and has successfully led companies through significant licensing negotiations, resulting in revenues of more than $110M over a 5 year period.   Michael is skilled in the art of aligning prospect needs with the goals of his client, while consistently exceeding planned expectations.  He has a strong background in building product launch strategies, developing effective licensing & marketing campaign targeting key customers, aggressively executing licensing programs and is known to work effectively in culturally diverse environments.   While at DTS (formerly SRS Labs), Michael’s executive leadership and guidance resulting in a doubling of the licensing revenues in less than three years, delivering +250% growth in shareholder value.  In his career, he has negotiated licensing and business agreements with major companies including: HP, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, FORD, Quanta, Intel, Qualcomm, Nokia, Huawei and other global technology firms.   Michael started his career as an Engineer Scientist in the aerospace industry, working for McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Division (now a division of Boeing).  He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh (Swanson School of Engineering) with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and has attend multiple executive management and business programs at the University of Southern California, Pepperdine and the Aresty School of Business at Wharton.