Apana Inc. Sale of Company Assets & All IP

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9 Issued & 7 Patents Pending, Trademarks, Domain Names, Trade Secrets, Data, Designs, Software Code, Firmware, etc.

Apana Inc. is an award winning technology and services company founded in 2012 which has received investments exceeding US $15M to date. Apana provides a comprehensive, systematic approach to SmartCity water conservation. Focused on true water management for commercial, industrial and institutional water users, the Apana solution provides automated, real time service and support to eliminate demand-side waste ranging from equipment failures to operational misuse and process drift. Its solution has been deployed at a large scale with several marquee customers, including in over 700 Costco stores. The Apana assets on offer consist of Apana’s intellectual property (including all patents (9 issued and 7 pending), trademarks, domain names, trade secrets/know how, data, designs, software code, firmware, etc.), Apana’s proprietary digital assets pertaining to water consumption data store, hardware digital intellectual property, software and firmware repositories and all Apana relevant technical, product and customer information, including IoT hardware data, sales and marketing, customer engagement, etc.