High Frequency Trading (HFT) Patent Portfolio


6 US Assets with 10 Representative Claim Charts

The offered assets of SpectraNet Inc., comprise a portfolio in the High Frequency Trading (HFT) technology market. The portfolio relates to low latency wireless transmission via the ionosphere or other atmospheric layer at frequencies of various communication spectrums (medium frequency (MF), high frequency (HF), very high frequency (VHF), etc.), which is used for cutting-edge low-latency networks, specifically applicable within financial markets. Key innovative ideas covered in the portfolio include the combination of sending very short encoded messages transmitted over the MF and HF bands to support High Frequency Trading from remote locations (including overseas) which allows a particular order to arrive milliseconds before competing orders, thus providing a huge advantage to MF and HF users who are able to execute the order first. The SpectraNet IP can lower the latency on HFT links by hundreds to thousands of microseconds, depending on the exact path and system.