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Summer Updates

Happy summer everyone! I hope you are reading this on the beach or from some other exotic place recharging your batteries before the busy fall season. Going forward, I’m making a few changes to the newsletter. For starters, the column will be a bit shorter and...

‘Help, I Need Somebody. Help’

  Paul McCartney is not the only one gradually losing his voice... Sometimes, Courts also speak the loudest by what they do not say. Indeed, the US Supreme Court, in the Investpic v. SAP America case, had the opportunity - for the 44th time- to clarify the...

Patent Reform 2.0

The latest Gallup poll shows that only 20% of the US population approves of the work being done by our US Congress. For comparison, half of the population believes in aliens…  As the saying goes, a bipartisan Congress can accomplish great things, except, it never...