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I’m a Fast-Growing Company with Little or No IP. What Do I Do Now?

Hello all, Happy belated World IP Day! Indeed, April 26th was the annual day of the year where people are reminded that there are these things called intellectual property rights and they matter! I celebrated that special day by giving a presentation to the bankers at...

We Still Need Brokers, Whether We Like It or Not!

Hello all, Judging by the sheer volume of feedback, our last column entitled, "What Makes a Patent Valuable (or Not)" apparently struck a chord. For those who missed it, here is the link. We often forget the unique nature of this asset class and the specialized skill...

What Makes a Patent Valuable (or Not)!

Hello all, I took 10 days off earlier this month and unplugged from everything, a first for me. Unfortunately, I came back to a world that looked a lot like the start of WW3. … I know I am not alone but, it has been increasingly difficult to watch a David vs. Goliath...