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It’s Spring, the Perfect Time to do Some Landscaping!

Hello all, We have now reached a delicate juncture in time where the world is rapidly diverging down two roads: countries where the COVID landscape is improving (US, some Asian countries, Israel, Australia, New-Zealand, etc.) and those that are deteriorating before...

Digging A Money Hole

Hello all, We are back after a longer than expected winter break. I must say, it feels great to put pen to paper again and reflect upon the latest developments that may have impacted the current market conditions, including the second highest court award for a patent...

And Then, There Was One

Hello all, A belated Happy Lunar New Year, Valentines Day, Presidents Day or Mardi Gras, depending on when and where you are reading this! We are rapidly approaching a full year of pandemic routine - and let’s be honest, most of us are well past the pandemic fatigue...